Welcome to LD5D

LD5D, or 5 Digital Things for Learning Developers, is an online programme in which we’ll be exploring digital tools which may be useful to you in various aspects of your work – creating a professional development network with other Learning Developers,  managing your online identity, organising information or finding innovative ways to share digital content with students and support their use of digital technologies in their studies. We reckon that the best way to learn how to use new digital tools, especially social media, is to learn with others! LD5D is a friendly and supportive way to explore new tools or, if you have a bit of experience already, to reflect on your practice and offer your support to others who are new to them.

The format is similar to existing “23Things” programmes, in which one or two digital tools (the ‘Things’) are introduced each week on a central blog for participants to explore, blog about and read others’ reflections. It’s also a bit like a mini-MOOC. However, we won’t be exploring 23 things in one go, but will be splitting the programme up into themed ‘modules’ of 5 things, which we think helps to explore related tools and how they work together, and also fits much better with people’s busy working lives!

The first module of LD5D covers building an online identity and managing your digital footprint. From there, we could cover anything you like… any suggestions? Do leave your requests and ideas in the comments!


Head of Writing Development Service and Learning Developer at Newcastle University.

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3 comments on “Welcome to LD5D
  1. paulineridley says:

    This is a great idea – looking forward to the first set of five things!

  2. writemefree99 says:

    This sounds really good. Can anybody join in?

  3. I don’t see why not! You’re welcome to follow the posts and join in discussion. If you’re not a learning developer, the posts may not quite be tailored to your professional circumstances, but will still hopefully be of interest.

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