#LD5D Module One- starting 21st October!

Module One of LD5D (Five Digital Things for Learning Developers) will launch on the 21st October!

LD5D follows the successful Ten Days of Twitter for Learning Developers, which ran over the summer. Module One gives you an opportunity to develop and reflect further on your digital skills and literacies, and also on how digital technologies impact on or enhance your work as a Learning Developer. This Module will focus on the essentials of developing and curating your professional online identity, and will set you up blogging and sharing your practice with other Learning Developers online!

This programme is aimed at all levels of digital ability and confidence – both those who have never used the tools we’ll cover (don’t worry, we’ll help you get started!) and those who have used them before, but would like the opportunity to reflect on them and share their experience with others.

We’ll post very soon with details of how to register for the programme, but in the meantime, you might like to find out more about how LD5D works, what we’ll be covering in Module One, or see if any other questions are answered in our FAQ’s.

We look forward to launching LD5D, and hope you’ll join us!


Head of Writing Development Service and Learning Developer at Newcastle University.

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