#LD5D Thing 3: Google+ – How’s it going?

Hi all,

As there aren’t many people on our LD5D Community Page on Google+ (although some useful conversations) I thought I would just check to see if there was a problem.

Are the instructions unclear? Do people hate Google?  Is everyone just loving WordPress? …Or is everyone just really busy?

We aim to keep the Community running so do stop by when you get a chance.

Best wishes

Flea :o)

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5 comments on “#LD5D Thing 3: Google+ – How’s it going?
  1. NickyM says:

    For me it is just very busy. I am probably not going to get to work on it until Sunday which of course then leaves little time for experience and reflection before Week4 is on me.

  2. paulineridley says:

    In my case a bit of all three, Flea! But youve nudged me back to Google+ your very useful intro and other people’s discussions have encouraged me to try out a few more things. But hopefully some of the nearly 200 people who follow this blog (even if most of you are lurking quietly) may be willing to let us in on how you use Google + or if you dont what is your favourite tool??

  3. Funnily enough, I did have to be dragged kicking and screaming in to Google+ in the first instance. Obviously it did not help that I could not use it from work… But also it was different – new – spooky! Friends in #edcmooc started a couple of Google+ groups and at first I just felt a bit grumpy and suspicious and anti-change: What’s wrong with these people? There’s nowt wrong that a good dose of FaceBook won’t cure etc…. But because I was doing that MOOC – and things were happening in Google + – including MOOC Hangouts – I had to start using it – and eventually I got happy with it it.

    My big alert is for people new to developing an online presence who may have a bit of an obsessive-compulsive tendency (and I am not being flippant here) – there will be thousands nay hundreds of thousands of of tweets and posts every day. It is impossible to keep up with them all – and we need to develop the mental equilibrium to go with that flow without fretting about what is being missed…

  4. RattusScholasticus says:

    I’m just a week behind – shameful! But I’ve joined now – thanks for setting it up, and helping me get my head around it!

  5. one thing too many. Just watched the video and cant say its made me want to be part of google+, I use enough Google stuff and I don’t want all my worlds to collide!

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