#LD5D Module 1 Thing 4: – Anyone find anything unexpected?

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would check in to see how everyone is getting on with crafting their online presence. Has anyone Googled themselves and found anything unexpected?

As it’s Friday I thought I would share this mildly amusing story: My good friend once Googled herself and found her namesake was a former Miss Universe. A few months later she got a request though LinkedIn inviting her to make a paid appearance in Las Vegas. She politely declined but hey maybe they did really want a learning technologist to spice up the 24hr party town…

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One comment on “#LD5D Module 1 Thing 4: – Anyone find anything unexpected?
  1. I was once (2004) contacted by a representative of Qatar Rail to see if I was interested in working for them. After saying no thank you I was then offered a tax-free consultancy deal instead. I share my name with a Programme Director at Crossrail.

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