About the format

What is LD5D?

LD5D, or Five Digital Things for Learning Developers, is an online Continuing Professional Development initiative for the ALDinHE community, to support colleagues in developing their digital skills and literacies. It aims to explore the use of digital tools to enhance Learning Developers’ work with students and colleagues, and also to support their own careers.

LD5D is a sort of MOOC – or Massive Open Online Course. Participation is free, and content is created as much by the participants as by the development team! It’s self-directed, peer mentored and reflective.

How does it work?

LD5D is organized into modules of 5 weeks (hence the 5 Things). Each week over the course of the module, we will consider a digital ‘Thing’ (a tool or an issue) to explore, under the module’s overall theme. We have some ideas for modules to begin with, but there is no limit to what we could explore using this format. If you have an idea, get in touch and join us! Each module has a team of Learning Developers who have volunteered to help develop that module, drawing on their own experience or learning as they go along!

Each week for the five weeks of the module, we will publish a post on this blog, which identifies a tool you might find useful, provides instructions for how to use it, and offers some issues and questions for you to think about as you experiment with that week’s tool. We may also include some of our own experiences or links to further reading about the use of this tool in Higher Education. However, much of the learning comes not from the central blog, but from sharing experiences among the participants. Your role is to experiment with the tool in the context of your own work, reflect on your experiences, and blog about them for other participants to read. We’ll guide you through how to set up your own blog and link it here for others to find (in fact, setting up a blog is the very first Thing covered in the first module!). If you already have an exsiting blog, you can of course use it to participate if you wish.

Using blogging, we hope to build a community of practice to share knowledge and experience about using digital technologies in Learning Development, and discuss good practice.

Any other questions?  Our FAQ’s will hopefully answer any more questions you might have about LD5D. Otherwise, leave us a comment below!

Where did LD5D come from?

LD5D was originally developed for the ALDinHE CPD working group out of a project to develop social media training for researchers, run by Helen Webster at Cambridge University. She created two 23things style programmes, DH23Things for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and STEMDigital for Sciences, with accompanying workshops. Both of these programmes are available under a Creative Commons licence (CC BY NC SA).

LD5D is also available under a Creative Commons license  (CC BY NC SA) so the materials are free to take, use and adapt for non-commercial purposes, if you acknowledge the source and share your version under the same licence.

Creative Commons License
LD5D by the LD5D Team is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at http://dh23things.wordpress.com/.

How to run a 23Things style programme

If you’re interested in how LD5D works, or would like to run something similar at your institution, here’s a how-to-guide!


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Creative Commons License
Ten Days of Twitter for Learning Developers by Helen Webster is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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