Module One

Module One: Building your online identity

As learning developers, we need to ensure that anything about us online is appropriate and professional, but we can also use online platforms to proactively make ourselves and our work more visible to others. We might think about how this could help us in our own individual right, to enhance our career, or on behalf of our learning development services, to make them move visible to stakeholders. Module One of LD5D will focus on some of the main tools you can use to build up a coherent and effective online identity. They’re also the tools on which the programme is built, so you’ll need to get to grips with them to participate!

People will have different preferences about how visible they want to be online, but whether you’re comfortable with a very visible and rounded online presence, want to keep personal and professional strictly separate or would rather remain more anonymous, this takes maintenance and an understanding of the tools available and what they can do as well as the pros and cons. In this first module of LD5D, we’ll be not only exploring some useful tools, but thinking about the decisions you’ll need to make, and discussing some of the issues you need to be aware of. Whether you’re new to using web 2.0 tools in this way, or whether you’ve used some or all of them before, we hope this module will offer you the chance to review your practice!

We’ll be looking at some of the fundamental issues of putting information about yourself online  in this first module, but we’ll be building on this in future modules with more interactive and collaborative ways of using the internet for various aspects of your work!

Module One covers:

Week One: Considering your online identity

Issue: Usernames, avatars, passwords

Tool: WordPress

Week Two: Choosing appropriate types of platforms

Issue: Static/broadcast or dynamic/interactive?

Tool: WordPress as blog or website?

Week Three: Exploring additional platforms

Issue: Evaluating and maintaining several platforms

Tool: Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook

Week Four: Managing your online identity

Issue: Visibility, collating and interlinking (search engine optimisation)

Tools: Features of the platforms used so far, plus Google Search alerts, Gravatar, Namechk,

Week Five: Maintaining your online identity

Issue: Finding a balance and managing time, building up a coherent profile around an area of expertise

Tool: Blogging (WordPress)

5 comments on “Module One
  1. danceswithcloud says:

    I am never sure where my experience comes on the continuum of experience – especially where technology is concerned… but I do blog quite regularly – and I have used MOOC experiences to prompt me to blog – and have garnered some footfall that way… So I could come in there? Perhaps in a dialogue with someone else who blogs quite regularly so that we display different ways of doing it? Best,

  2. I am doing ds106 in earnest until Xmas but I can come in to review my online practice and support new people? Really happy to join with time I have available. I thought ld10dot was great I am sure this will really help people trying to join our open education community. I have already sent invite to 2 people.

  3. RattusScholasticus says:

    please do, Mariana! Even if you can’t blog with us this time, it would be fantastic if you could join in the community – maybe read and comment on a few of the others’ posts. So many MOOCs, so little time….

  4. lincstherapy says:

    HI everyone, looking forward to this period of time exploring these issues and how i can employ them in the blended learning courses I’m working on

  5. Now that I’ve created my wordpress and written a few posts, I kinda feel I want to learn more about it, so I’ve found a video that covers a few more of the basics. Perhaps you will all find it useful: which breaks the tutorial into parts 1-23 and which doesn’t, but is easier to embed.

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