Register for Module One

Registration for LD5D is two steps: one to complete now, the other in Week One of the Module.

Step One: Register Your Participation

Simply fill in the Google Drive form below. All information submitted here will be kept confidential. We will add your email address to the LD5D mailing list so we can contact you about the course. We will also need to match your name with the WordPress blog account you set up in Week One (see Step Two). Details of your role and institution will help us to tailor and evaluate the programme.

You can also click on the ‘Follow Blog’ button in the right hand column to receive an email when the LD5D blog is updated.

Step Two: Register your Blog

Participating in LD5D involves setting up your own blog in Week One to reflect and share experiences and ideas with other participants. Step Two of registration will be included in the blog post for Week One, where you can register the WordPress account and blog you set up. This will allow us to link your blog here for others to find, and also enable you to comment here. You are welcome to blog anonymously under a pseudonym, but we will need to match it up with your real identity so we know you’re not spam!


What if I want to start after the programme has begun? That’s fine – you can catch up! Fill in the registration form, set up and register your blog, and get started!

Do I have to blog, or register my blog?  No – if you want to do the programme privately, by not blogging or not registering your blog with us, that’s fine. However, LD5D is about learning by doing and trying out the tools and the new behaviours and values they enable for real, though. If you choose not to blog, you will miss out on finding out what it’s like and if it works for you, and also the benefits of participating fully in the network of participants- others will miss out on your insights! If you are concerned about privacy online, you can always choose to blog anonymously under a pseudonym.

What if I already have a blog? Do I have to set up another one? No, you can use your existing blog if you wish! You might want to think about whether your LD5D posts would fit with your existing blog’s focus, or if they would mix or muddy your focus too much. If you do set up a second blog for the programme, you can always delete your LD5D blog later!

Other questions? See also the FAQs or leave a comment below!


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