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#LD5D Module 1 Thing 4: – Anyone find anything unexpected?

Hi everyone, Just thought I would check in to see how everyone is getting on with crafting their online presence. Has anyone Googled themselves and found anything unexpected? As it’s Friday I thought I would share this mildly amusing story:

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#LD5D Module 1 Thing 4: – Crafting your online presence

Hi, it’s Michelle here (Shelldaynight to give away my blogging and Twitter persona), I am taking over for Week 4. This week we’re going to be looking at our online presence; most of us will have one whether we have

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#LD5D Thing 3: Google+ – How’s it going?

Hi all, As there aren’t many people on our LD5D Community Page on Google+ (although some useful conversations) I thought I would just check to see if there was a problem. Are the instructions unclear? Do people hate Google?  Is

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#LD5D Module 1 Thing 3: Creating an online presence on Google+

Hello, Flea here, taking over the post for Week 3 This week we’re going to explore Google+, a social networking site where you can share content, like Facebook, but which gives you access to more tools. This will involve creating

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