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Registration is now closed

The first iteration of Ten Days of Twitter was run in July 2013, and is now over. You can still work through the materials in your own time, or, if you’d like the experience of participating in a community of learners all joining in together, then we could always run it again if there is demand!

You can also click ‘Follow this blog’ in the right hand margin, and you’ll receive an email when this blog is updated with future modules of LD5D or LD10DoT.

8 comments on “Register for #LD10DoT
  1. Kay Norman says:

    Have tried a few times to register for the 10 days of Twitter, but the webpage is always unavailable. Is it me? Have I fallen at the first hurdle??!

    • Oh no! Is anyone else having this problem? I can see the page ok, and have tested the form to check that it works, but that might be because I set it up – is anyone else having difficulties? Will make a note that you’re joining us, though. Can you ‘follow’ the blog ok so you get updates?

      • paulineridley says:

        I tried it yesterday and it worked OK. Haven’t checked the Googledocs form yet

    • Kay Norman says:

      Yep, following the blog…

  2. There is no submit that I can find on the registration, so all my words went up in the great viod

    • The registration form is an embedded Googledocs form, and has its own scroll bar down the side – I wonder if the problem is that on your computer, the size of the form is different so it’s only displaying part of the form, and you may need to scroll down a little more? Let us know if that doesn’t work!

  3. Neil Ballantyne says:

    Nope…I can’t see the form either. I’m using a Mac OS 10.8 and tried chrome, safari and firefox. Still seeing nada 😦

  4. Ah-I took it down towards the end of the course as it was really mostly needed at the beginning! Oddly, though, if you look at the results of a google docs form, it seems to take it offline til you make it live again.

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